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Step beyond the normal bounds of consumer banking with deep insights into your purchases.

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Understand how much to save by seeing how others saved. Each day you get closer to your goal.

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You have questions. We have data-driven simulations that help you see into the future.

Andrew Novotny

Human Factors Design Lead

Andrew’s background work in human-computer interaction stems from previous work studying cognitive psychology and cognitive science. Before Elementary, he was designing interfaces for unmanned ground vehicles. He is known for trying to make amazing puns.

Andrew R McHugh

Project Manager & Prototyping Lead

Andrew uses his wide background, ranging from philosophy to design, to bring diverse perspective to the team. Before the program, he wrote a children’s book and worked as a user experience designer.

Jae-Won Kim

UX Design Lead

Jae has a background in psychology from Carnegie Mellon University. Before Elementary, she worked in several research labs where she got immersed into the world of human-computer interaction.

Joel Rodrigues

User Research Lead & UX Designer

Originally from Madeira, Joel studied psychology in University of Madeira with a focus on cognitive psychology with a post-graduation in human aspects of technology. Before Elementary, he worked at CereProc (building a text-to-speech interface) and the Thistle Foundation. Unofficially, he is an ambassador for Madeira wine.